About Sidewalks

Sidewalks Improve SAFETY.

4500 pedestrians are killed in traffic crashes in the US each year. 8% of these deaths are “walking along the roadway” tragedies, and 88% could be prevented by SIDEWALKS.

*Statistics provided by the US Dept of Transportation Federal Highway Administration

Roads without sidewalks have double the pedestrian crashes as roads with sidewalks.

“8 in 10 Americans prefer being in a community with sidewalks and good places to walk.” ~AARP.org

Sidewalks Build COMMUNITY.

Walkable streets bring people together bridging age, race, and economic gaps. In a busy world, we often don’t know our neighbors, and sidewalks are a wonderful place to make new friends, start conversations, network, and enjoy common ground both literally and figuratively. One study found that people in walkable neighborhoods had 80% more “social capital” than car-dependent neighborhoods.

Sidewalks Promote HEALTH.

Research shows that people choose to walk for recreational purposes when comfortable facilities like sidewalks are provided.

Walking is one of the easiest, most beneficial forms of exercise, while inactivity is the fourth leading cause of death worldwide.

For people over 60, walking just 15 minutes a day can reduce the risk of death by 22%. A 30-minute walk burns 100 calories, and for every 12 blocks walked, your risk of obesity drops 4.8%. Regular walking may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and colon cancer.

“People who live in neighborhoods with sidewalks are 47% more likely to be active for at least 39 minutes a day.” ~AARP.org

Sidewalks Lead to HAPPINESS

  • People who walk 8.6 minutes a day are 33% more likely to report better mental health
  • Walking boosts creative output by 60%.
  • People are more productive, have better memory, and make better decisions after exercise.


For local Jewish community members who don’t drive on the Sabbath, sidewalks make visiting family and friends possible in a safe and convenient way.

Sidewalks Increase PROPERTY VALUE.

When neighborhoods are safer and more accessible, property values rise. Pedestrianizing a street can make home values go up $82 a square foot. According to a 2009 CEOs for Cities report, even a one-point increase in a community’s Walk Score could increase home values by $700 to $3,000.


Your Voice Matters

Please reach out to your elected official TODAY
to request sidewalks in the Old Court/Seven Mile area to
to make this neighborhood safer!

Position Name Address
Baltimore County Councilman Izzy Patoka Email Izzy Patoka
Baltimore County Executive Johnny O Email Johnny O
Senator Shelly Hettleman Email Shelly Hettleman
Delegate Dana Stein Email Dana Stein
Delegate Jon Cardin Email Jon Cardin
Delegate Adrienne Jones Email Adrienne Jones

Sign the petition

Sidewalks are


Name Email Priority
Noam Alper noa*@a****.family high
Shoshana Alper sho***********@g****.com

I live in this area and am scared to walk with my
children because without sidewalks it is unsafe.
We need sidewalks now!

Paige Barocca pai*********@g****.com high
Shifrah Green Shi*********@g****.com high
Dina Benayon din*********@g****.com high
Tamara Breitowitz she********@g****.com high
Faiga Dinerman fsr****@g****.com high
Rebecca Baruch rla*****@g****.com high
Danny Weiser dan********@g****.com

Get sidewalks on our block!

Don brody bro******@g****.com

I would love to go walking with my kids to get
excursive and fresh air . but there is no safe way
to walk in my own neighborhood. im not looking for
much just the main roads that cars drive so fast
and are hard for them to see us like old court,
seven mile and Stevenson.

Hanna Schnur cde***@g****.com

Hello, I am very concerned about my kids walking
around with out sidewalks. I would like them to be
able to visit friends without worrying about being
hit by a car. It would greatly improve the
neighborhood quality of life is side walks were
installed. Thanks, Hanna

Tova brody kee*********@g****.com high
Sora Frand sor*******@g****.com high
Goetz Ruth gr8*******@y****.com

It needs to be wide enough for two people to walk
side by side with a buffer between the sidewalk
and the road. Thanks

Ariella dinovitz ari***********@g****.com high
Jenny Schuster jpe*********@g****.com

We need sidewalks in Stevenson and old court.
It’s imperative. There’s a middle
school on seven mile lane and a large private
school on old court. The roads are so dangerous.

Daniel Ghitman high
Marizan Miriam mir******@y****.com high
Toby Brody tob***********@g****.com high
Megan Miner meg**********@y****.com high
Meir Goetz ext********@g****.com

Sidewalks allow pedestrians to walk safely. Lets
prevent a pedestrian accident. Be proactive.

Rabbi Daniel Plotkin rab*******@g****.com

I agree that sidewalks in the Stevenson Rd./Old
Court area of Pikeville a safer and better
community for all who live here. I am not
traditionally Shomer Shabbat, so when I drive on
Shabbat I know to be extra careful, but not all
driving through our neighborhood do. I remember
having to re-route during Yom Kippur (I was
driving home from Kol Nidre) because a pedestrian
was hit and emergency crews had to come out. We
need sidewalks for many reasons, but safety for
our community on Shabbat and Yom Tov must be a top

Frona Brown and Beryl Rosenstein frb****@g******.edu normal
Daniel Sprechman spr***@g****.com

I want to be able to walk my child to Fort
Garrison Elementary School, but the lack of
sidewalks on Stevenson road makes it too
dangerous. Please put these sidewalks in!

Rita Pach rit*****@h******.com

We need a sidewalk on old court and green spring.
We have kids that want to walk to Beth Tfiloh
school and also people want to be able to walk to
Quarry lake.

Harry Auster har********@g****.com

Please help. It is very important and helps out
young kids Interact with other kids and be outside
more. If there were sidewalks in our neighborhood
we would be able to allow our kids to walk to
their friends house in order to play with them.

Sara khaber kha*******@y****.com

Please we need this for our kids safety

Katharine Mackenzie est*******@g****.com high
Magali Lamarre mag***********@g****.com high
James Vornov jjv*****@m**.com

I've lived near the intersection of Old Court Rd
and Stevenson, walking to synagogue weekly to
Darchei Tzedek. Many close calls with cars,
particularly up and down the hill on 7 mile
between Old Court and Stephenson. As more Sabbath
observant families move into the community, the
need for sidewalks has become critical. Happy to
give up some of my property for safety

Barry Nabozny bar***@r*******.com

Very important to install sidewalks. Let’s
not wait till we gd forbid have a tragedy.

Joseph Oberstein obe*************@g****.com

Sidewalks save lives!

Steven Mosgin smo****@h******.com

Sidewalks are needed on Stevenson Rd, Old Forest
Rd . I live in the neighbor hood and it’s
dangerous for pedestrians . There are a lot of
people that walk on Old Forest going to Beth
Tfiloh .

Tishell Green tis******@g****.com

Sidewalks are important for everyone! Nobody loses
from having safe walking areas in our neighborhood

Daniel Freedman dfr*******@g****.com

When will elected officials prioritize safer
streets for kids?

GSB electrical llc gsb**********@g****.com

I like to walk to my brothers house on Shabbat and
I’ve noticed how difficult it is to get
there because there’s no sidewalks
especially around 7 mile an old court. I believe
this initiative is very important and will save

Shua Bier shu*****@y****.com high
Viktor Frost vik*********@p*********.com

Very glad to see that people trying to make it
safe to walk on these very dangerous roads in
pikesville especially for kids coming from the

Eli Siegel emt******@y****.com

We need to make our main roads safe for everyone.
I'm always nervous to get hit by a car while
walking through the neighborhood. Let's get
this done before someone gets seriously hurt.

Yossi Green yos********@g****.com

As an avid sidewalk walker, I frequently am
walking sidewalks. Specifically the sidewalks at
the Seven Mile and Old Court intersection. Or I
would if they existed. Sidewalks help keep our
drivers, pedestrians and children safe and the
Seven Mile/Old Court area is NOT safe AT ALL.
Please help keep our community and children safe
and work with us to get sidewalks and safety a
prominent part of our lives.

Kevin Ferentz kev***@a**.com

I take my life in my hands every Saturday walking
to synagogue! We need sidewalks on Stevenson Rd,
Old Court Road, and Seven Mile Lane!!!

Michael Martin mma*******@y****.com

I don't live in Pikesville but live in Baltimore
County District 1. That being said, I bike through
this neighborhood regularly and while the
conditions are bad for cyclists it's obvious they
are even worse for pedestrians. It's a shame that
such a vibrant residential community doesn't have
safe sidewalk infrastructure.

Jonathan P Willis jon*************@g****.com

I live in Sudbrook Park. Beautiful historic
district. I have anxiety each time I take my dogs
and young daughters for walks through parts of
outlet40 neighborhood. Sidewalks would bring
beauty and peace of mind. Thank you.

Matthew A Lowe mat**********@g****.com

I just moved to the area, and can immediately feel
how the lack of sidewalks make it harder to go
out, and more unsafe when we do.

Rolf Sjogren rol****@h******.com

Pikesville needs sidewalks and curb-bordered roads
with shoulders wide enough for bike-lanes -
everywhere! Pikesville is very bike-able - not
especially hilly - but entire neighborhoods are
out of reach to any mode of transport aside from
cars. It's 2022, absolutely shocking that
neighborhoods built in the 1960s were never
equipped with sidewalks or bike lanes, and
Stevenson Road is especially hazardous to
pedestrians and bikes, most egregiously from I-695
to Halcyon Road - an area which is densely settled
but all but impassable to pedestrians & bikes.

Stuart Strauzer stu***@g****.com

I have kids who love to walk, run and ride in
their neighborhood but it's so anxiety provoking
to let them because shoulders are so small and
with no sidewalks they're in danger from the
frequent dangerous drivers on our street who
surpass the super limit regularly. With schools so
close it would be amazing to walk them to school
but it just seems obvious that this is important
with so many children in the area.

Eli Ungar eli********@g****.com high
Joanna Riggs joa***********@g****.com

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Don brody bro******@g****.com

its really unsafe in some parts of Pikesville i
hope we can get some safe ways to pedestrians able
to move around pikesville without a car

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